Wine Advice You Can’t Afford To Miss

When it comes to wine, you probably know that it a nice bottle of wine should simply taste good. But did you know there are a variety of things you can do to choose and serve the best wine? If you’re shopping for a gift for someone else, wine is a unique gift idea. Read this wine advice you can’t afford to miss to help you get started with the world of wine!

How to Shop for Wine

Remember that wine shops can be as different as the wines they sell. Different wine stores have different wine selections at different prices. If you are new to wine and enter a store where the cheapest bottle of wine is $60, you should look for a more affordable wine store where you can discover your palate and favorite vineyards.

Don’t be afraid to get recommendations from the salesperson or owner of the wine store. Many wine store owners are passionate about wine and the wines they sell. Many can also personally recommend certain wines based off the flavors you think you would like. Letting them know your preferences is a great way to get a good wine recommendation.

Shopping for Wine
Try wines from different regions and vineyards. You could discover a new favorite wine!

When shopping for wine in a wine store, browse the entire wine selection. Check the different aisles to explore the available wine. You may even find some great deals on wine in a section of the store you might not normally look in.

Also, be open to trying different types of wines. Not only is this an excellent way to learn about new countries and wines, you may also discover your next favorite wine. Try wines from all regions and vineyards, including ones you may see on the bottom shelf.

Wine Advice You Can't Afford To MissEasy Wine Advice

When serving wine, make sure you serve it at the correct temperature. Red wines are best served at 60-70 degrees. Put the bottle in the fridge for about an hour before serving to chill it, then pour and let it warm slightly in the glass. White wines are best served cold, between 50-60 degrees. Chill white wine in the fridge for several hours or in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Never pour your wine to the brim of the wine glass. Leave enough room for you to swirl the wine around the glass. Moving the wine around allows it to “breathe.” This helps release the aroma and flavors of the wine you might not have noticed otherwise. Sniff the glass before sipping to help taste the subtle flavors of the wine.

Accidentally spill some wine? Windex can help you remove red wine stains. Lightly spray the stain with Windex and let it set for 15 minutes. Then, blot with a clean cloth, rinse with cold water and wash as usual. This technique works best with the clear colored Windex formulas.

There is a lot of information and advice to consider when learning about wine. Use our wine advice for shopping and our useful tips when shopping for wine. From monthly wine clubs to personalized wine glasses, wine is the perfect gift for the wine lovers in your life. Keep this wine advice in mind, and you’ll be ready to start drinking the best wines.

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