Nerd Block is Closed. Here are 17 Nerdy Subscription Boxes to Replace Nerd Block

Nerdy Subscription Boxes to Replace Nerd Block

Nerd Block, one of the first nerd subscription boxes to help grow the geek box industry has shut its doors. According to recent filings, Nerd Block, as well as their parent company Fan Block, intend to file for bankruptcy. As of July, Nerd Block suspended shipments of all their monthly nerd subscription boxes – Nerd Block, Comic Block, Gamer Block, Sci-Fi Block, Horror Block and Nerd Block Jr., as well as Shirt Block and their recently launched Valor Blocks military subscription box line. Nerd Block subscribers have reportedly been issued refunds for any unshipped boxes remaining on their subscriptions.

While it’s sad to see any subscription box company close its doors, fortunately there are still plenty of Nerd Block alternatives to help you get your monthly nerd fix. Here are 17 Nerdy Subscription Boxes to replace Nerd Block.

Nerdy Subscription Boxes to Replace Nerd Block

Nerdy Subscription Boxes to Replace Nerd Block

1. Loot Crate

Loot Crate Subscription Box

Price: Starting at $12.95/month. Save 10% with code SAVE10 to $3 with code SAVE3.

You Get: A monthly mystery geek crate featuring 4+ FAN-tastic collectibles goods and gear. Each box has $45+ worth of authentic, licensed and/or exclusive geek and nerd products.

2. The Bam Box

The Bam Box

Price: Starting at $26.99/month. Save 10% off new The Bam Box subscriptions with code CJMARKET10.

You Get: The best art, comics collectibles, limited edition items, exclusives, and at least 1 autographed item from different fandoms every month.


ZBOX Subscription

Price: Starting at $22.77/month. Use code ZBOX to get your 1st box for just $13.60 with new 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.

You Get: A mystery box made for geeks featuring 4-7 memorabilia from your favorite film, TV, and gaming franchises. Each box includes an exclusive t-shirt.

4. Powered Geek Box

Powered Geek Box Geek Peek

Price: Starting at $16.99/month.

You Get: A monthly epic geek box filled with quality geeky, nerdy, pop culture, and gamer items from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Funko and more!

5. My Geek Box

My Geek Box

Price: Starting at $8.49/month.

You Get: The ultimate monthly mystery box hand-picked by geeks, for geeks. Each box has a limited edition t-shirt and 4-7 geeky collectibles.

Comic Subscription Boxes to Replace Your Monthly Comic Block

6. ComicBoxer


Price: Starting at $17.99/month.

You Get: Monthly Comic Book mystery boxes filled with 5-7 of the hottest comic books including number one issues, variant covers, exclusives, first appearances and more! ComicBoxer Kids for kid-friendly comic book deliveries is also available.

7. Threads

Threads by ZBOX

Price: Starting at $9.99/month. Click here and use code THREADS at checkout to get your 1st box for just $7.

You Get: An exclusively designed t-shirts every month, plus a book or graphic novel every month.

8. Comic Bento

Comic Bento

Price: Starting at $22.50/month.

You Get: A comic book subscription box with at least $50 worth of surprise graphic novels. Graphic novels only – at least 4 in each box.

Monthly Geek Shirt Subscription Boxes to Replace Shirt Block

9. TeeBlox

TeeBlox Shirt Subscription

Price: Starting at $8.99/month.

You Get: A 100% authentic, licensed geek and gamer shirt and other geek collectibles – including comic books, posters, stickers, and decals.

10. Loot Tees

Loot Tees Loot Wear

Price: Starting at $6.99/month. Save 10% with code SAVE10 to $3 with code SAVE3.

You Get: One soft, limited edition T-Shirt in an exclusive design from your favorite pop culture, geek and gamer franchises.

Subscription Boxes for Nerd Kids to Replace Nerd Block Jr.

11. My Geek Box Kids

My Geek Box Kids

Price: Starting at $22.99/month.

You Get: The perfect box for any little geek in training. Boxes have fun and educational geeky items for kids ages 5-11 including toys, activity books, stationery and more.

Arcade Block/Gamer Block Alternate Gamer Subscription Boxes

12. Loot Gaming

Loot Gaming

Price: Starting at $23.95/month. Save 10% off Loot Gaming subscriptions with code SAVE10 to $3 with code SAVE3.

You Get: A monthly video game box featuring 4-6 licensed and exclusive collectibles and gear (a $60+ value) from the biggest and best gaming universes.

13. IndieBox


Price: Starting at $19.99/month.

You Get: A beautifully boxed and designed physical PC release of an epic indie video game. Boxes include a Steam Key, DRM-free Standard Edition, soundtrack, and exclusive collectible items.

Monthly Horror Subscription Boxes to Replace Horror Block

14. The Bam Box Horror

The Bam Box Horror Subscription Box

Price: Starting at $26.99/month.

You Get: 4-6 limited release/exclusive items for true horror fan collectors. Build your horror collection with celebrity autographs, signed and number art prints and unique collectibles.

15. HorrorPack

HorrorPack Horror Subscription Box

Price: Starting at $22.74/month.

You Get: A monthly Horror Movie subscription box delivering brand new horror movies to your door. Available in Blu-ray and DVD subscriptions.

Sci-Fi Subscription Boxes to Replace Your Monthly Sci-Fan Block/Sci-Fi Block

16. Blue Tome Box

Blue Tome Box

Price: Starting at $34.17/month. Use code BLUETOME10 at checkout to get 10% off your first order!

You Get: A monthly book box for people who love YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Boxes include a newly released, carefully selected YA book, 2 – 3 high quality items, and an extra goodie or two like bookmarks, candles, stationery, and other bookish items.

17. Firefly Cargo Crate

Firefly Cargo Crate

Price: Starting at $35.99/month. Use code SAVE10 to get 10% off new Firefly Cargo Crate subscriptions.

You Get: Exclusive 4-6 Gorram awesome Firefly collectibles ($65+ value) every other month. An exclusive QMX Firefly Mini-Master Figure is in every box

Of course it’s possible that Nerd Block can come out of their financial difficulties and rebuild their reputation for delivering great nerd subscription boxes. Their Facebook page shows the latest announcement which promises to come back better than ever.

We’ll wait to see how things turn out. In the meantime, we hope this list of nerdy subscription boxes to replace Nerd Block can help you feed your inner nerd every month!

Nerdy Subscription Boxes to Replace Nerd Block

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