Love With Food

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Ever find yourself in a rut at snack time?

Feeling uninspired when you are hungry can leave you and your family falling back on habits that are unhealthy or, at the very least, boring.

What if you could discover new, healthy snacks each month, sampling products that just might become your family’s new favorite?

Love With Food is aiming to do just that by providing a monthly snack subscription, delivering healthy options for you and your family while also helping to fight hunger in America. By subscribing today, you will not only receive a box each month packed with healthy, hunger-satisfying snacks, but you will also be making a donation to local food banks around the country.

Every box or item you buy donates a meal to a local food bank.

Featured on the Today Show, Glamour, Inc., Real Simple and more, Love With Food reignites your family’s enthusiasm for snack time, and without relying on old staples that are filled with sugar and other processed ingredients.

Every Love With Food box promises to deliver:

  • No artificial flavoring, coloring, or MSG
  • No trans fats or hydrogenated oils
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No gluten

New natural, organic snacks ready to be discovered (and then eaten) at your door every month? Foodies everywhere are saying yes!

Customize your box to receive the right amount of healthy snacks for your home. Starting as low as $9.99 each month and receiving eight or more snacks, there is a Love With Food subscription plan for every size household and budget.

And, once you discover your new favorites, Love With Food makes it simple to purchase online directly from them, giving you an opportunity to use the discount that comes with each month’s box.

Subscription Plans
With three plans to choose from, Love With Food allows you to select a subscription that ranges from $7.99 each month to $19.99 each month. There are even gluten-free options!

While the $7.99 Tasting Box is not available to ship worldwide, the other two boxes can be sent anywhere in the world. Deliveries within the United States ship for free!

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Love With Food

  • Snack
  • From $5.99

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  • Haylee Simmons

    My family and I were quite impressed with the appearance of the box. The box was wrapped in shrink wrap and underneath the wrap, inside the box, the products were tightly (not too tightly mind you) and neatly packed together. We received a free tresemme sample as well as, a list and brief description of each product. We especially enjoyed the Wild Garden Sun Dried Tomato Hummus with the Snack Factory Original Pretzel Chips. The Hummus was in an easy squeeze container, making it extremely convenient to take on the go. Our second favorite was the Raw Rev Glo Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Bar. The Raw Rev Glo Bar is packed with raw superfoods and contains 15g of protein; 14g of Fiber and only 2g of sugar. What a great subscription box to get into!

  • Kathy

    I look forward to my box every month, I have been receiving them for approximately 7-8 montages now and I don’t think that I have ever had a problem with any of them, ever!!! I am diabetic, so once in a long while there may be something with a bit too much sugar or carbs, but it doesn’t happen that often and when it does, I’m forced to share with my family (just teasing). They enjoy everything in them also

  • Elizabeth A. Williams

    I love Love with Food! Great way to try new & different products (that I wouldn’t typically try) for a great price. Great variety too.

  • Gena Mae

    Really enjoy the products contained within these boxes. Great selection and fair amount of products. There is always something new as well.

  • Heidi

    Love with Food is one of the only subscription boxes I have stuck with. They are one of the less expensive boxes and the items are always ones I enjoy. I like being able to try out different brands I normally wouldn’t.

  • jenny

    I LOVE Love with Food. They really seem to care about what they put in their boxes, unlike some other subscription boxes. Plus who can’t love the fact that they donate a meal to a food bank for every box they sell?

  • Kendra

    Love with Food is a great snack box! I’ve tried the taster box which is $12 a month. They have a really nice array of healthy snacks and the themes are fun.

    Check out my review of the March 2015 box:


  • Heather D

    Absolutely fabulous snacks delivered promptly to your home in beautiful packaging! Yummy!

  • Chelsea W

    This is a great box-Decently priced and you get a nice variety of snacks to try. And they are pretty tasty too. Plus they donate a meal for every box purchased.

  • Denise Osborn

    I am on a diet and this box has some great healthy snacks. This really helps me stay on my plan.

  • Best Kept Self

    Our company reviewed 5 healthy snack box subscriptions and LovewithFood was by far our favorite! You can read more of the review here: http://www.bestkeptself.com/2014/07/15/best-kept-review-healthy-snack-box-subscriptions/

  • Katie

    I got my first box the other day and I am completely impressed! Stuffed with healthy snacks, you get way more than what you pay for. So far, I’ve only subscribed to one other food box, and this one is certainly worth it in comparison. I highly recommend, based on my first box.

  • Ande

    I purchased a 3 month subscription on RueLaLa back in August because it was a great deal. I’ve received two boxes since then, and I’m debating on continuing my subscription after I receive my third box. So far I’ve been a fan of about half of the items in each box. The box costs $10 + $2 for shipping, but I truly think it should be described as a flat price of $12. Regardless of how much is shipping, it still costs $12 per month. I think you do get a good variety of products, but I think the $12 price is a little steep for “tastes” of food, especially if you’re not a fan of some of them. The box itself is excellently put together, and Love With Food’s email communication is much appreciated. It’s fun to try foods you’ve never heard of or seen before, but I’m not sure it’s $12 worth of fun.

  • I love that Love with Food donates a meal for every box I buy and that I get yummy, usually natural treat samples delivered to my door. I am a little disappointed that the box mostly contains sample sizes which is why I’m so excited for the launch of their Deluxe box next month which will contain more full size products. It’s definitely worth $10 a month and I think that the Deluxe size will be worth $20 a month. You can read my full review of the August box with pictures at

  • Angela Rhodes

    My first box came! It included a bag of salted caramel popcorn (if heaven had a taste, this would be it), BBQ beef stick, bloody mary peanuts, salt water taffy, snack toppings, handmade sourdough pretzel, strawberry fig bar, NECCO candy wafers, and a $25 credit to Hello Fresh, another food subscription service. The food was all amazing in this box, it arrived right on time, the presentation was beautiful, and I thought it was a great value for the money! I’m going to continue my subscription.

  • Sarah

    I have subscribed to Love With Food for several months now and I have really enjoyed sampling everything they send. I personally have loved almost everything that is included in the box. I also love charity aspect of this box (for every box purchased they donate a meal to the hungry). They are really consistent with their shipping speeds and they don’t try to makeup cost with S&H. I highly recommend this subscription service to anyone interested in trying new foods that taste great and are healthy! They also seem to have a great team who works there with a sense of humor; as witnessed on their Facebook page.

Love With Food

  • Snack
  • From $5.99