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Birchbox is the brainchild of two friends who loved the Internet and wanted to create a better way to shop for beauty products. What better way to try, learn about, and purchase beauty products online by trying a sampling each month that is personally delivered straight to your door?

Monthly deliveries of personalized samples based on customer profiles is an exciting way to shop. It’s easy, efficient, and fun. Birchbox may have originally been for women, but in 2012, Birchbox Man was launched especially for men who want to up their game in grooming and style.

Whether customers are looking for bath and body products, the latest in nail fashion and technology, hair, makeup or skincare, Birchbox has a variety of popular products and luxe brands to try. It’s easy to shop by brand specifically or try Birchbox Discovery Kits, which help customers play the field to discover what they love best.

For just $10/month or $110/year, Birchbox will send you a mix of 5 personalized samples. Once you fill out a profile about your beauty regimen and preferences, Birchbox will custom pack a beauty box for you with information on why the products are great and exactly how to use them, so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll quickly scale the ranks from novice to cosmetic expert.

Each box will be a mix of prestige and niche brands, cult favorites, skincare, makeup, and haircare so you can delve into the world of beauty and fashion without the headache of even leaving your house. Based on what you love, purchasing full-size versions of your favorite samples gives you Loyalty Points. For every $10 you spend, you get $1 back.

Birchbox is headquartered in New York City, but operations extend into the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Belgium.

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  • Beauty products
  • From $10

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  • Lisa Queen

    This is a great box for the price. You get qulaity products. We you have 4 daughters and a daughter in law this comes in handy. I would highly recommend it.

  • Mandy

    Items within the box are small and only come with 5. For the price it’s okay but very little flexibility and I kept getting the same items over and over every couple months. Must spend all the money on packaging.

  • Julie Waldron

    I canceled after my second box. While the products were okay, they weren’t things that I would get much use out of. I received and eyeshadow in my first box, I was very happy to receive something that I would actually use and I loved the color. But, the eyeshadow was broken & powdery :( Not only that, it was extremely difficult to get open. I ended up throwing it away after it went all over when I finally did get it open. I contacted CS but instead of giving me a replacement product they gave me $5 credit to use in the store. Needless to say I didn’t use it.

  • jennifer Padgett

    First off Birchbox is only $10. You get what you pay for. So many subscribers complain about sample size but they have to make money right. The samples may be small most of the time but they are products that are above drugstore quality and they give you a chance to SAMPLE before you buy. I have not liked every item in my boxes but I have liked most and have enjoyed trying out new things. I do wish you could be more specific with your profile like a comment section to say such things as “Do not send dry shampoo” or ” I will never wear red lipstick” because seem to think that is what I live on. Now in regards to their customer service, let’s just say it could be better. But it’s not awful like some other subs I’ve experienced. Anyway, I like Birchbox and will continue to subscribe. I could blow $10 easy on something completely useless so why not on beauty samples that I can get some use out of and also may end up finding something great, which I have on occasion. Happy sampling!

  • Jamie

    I was so super excited about BirchBox, I researched it and was all hyped up from all the unboxing videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, nobody prepared me for the fiasco that is their shipping and tracking system. I was so incredibly frustrated by their tracking that I just canceled my subscription after only two boxes. My first box, which since I subscribed late in the month was shipped at a weird time I guess, came earlier than the tracking site indicated. This is a bonus, except it’s summer and hot out and my box sat in my mailbox where the products got all hot and icky. Also, Birchbox’s website gave me no indication of how long it would be before that first box shipped after they took my payment. I had to contact them, and as soon as I did it shipped which had me wondering if they did forget about it. This second month I thought would go much smoother. I received my tracking number at a decent time, and I started tracking my box. First it was supposed to arrive between two dates. When the later of those dates came and no box, and I had been checking the tracking site every day with no changes, I checked again and it updated pushing the dates out two more days. I again waited and no box. This time the site did not update. The day after I was supposed to get my box I still had no box and no update. I contacted customer service and was basically told that I was being impatient. Umm, sorry? When a shippers tracking site says something I paid for should be here and it’s not you bet I am going to contact the company to find out what’s going on. It finally arrived the following day. The products in the box did not match what they had on my account as the products I would be receiving, so I couldn’t do a proper review to get points. All in all it was not a great experience. I am also subscribed to another beauty subscription that has been spot on with shipping and products, and I am looking into another one. Sorry BirchBox, you need to step up your shipping game.

  • Tonya

    As a subscriber to approximately 40 subscription boxes, with the majority being beauty boxes, I have to say that Birchbox is one of my favorites! I like the variety in the products each month, many of which are new to me and fun to try! The packaging is nice and I haven’t had any trouble with the shipping so far. I also buy other products through the company and they often have great discounts and promos! I always watch the spoilers so that I can learn more about the items featured in the boxes, several of which I have purchased after testing them! The price is reasonable and you most certainly get more than your money’s worth!

  • Ginger Neko

    Birchbox has come a long way. While in the past, the boxes ranged from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG’ according to many subscribers, new additions to the service — like the Pick Your Sample service and curated box options that began in September — turn this box into a very savvy choice for trying out new beauty and grooming products.

    As a general rule, a Birchbox contains 5 samples from a variety of areas: cosmetics, skin care, hair care, bath and body, and occasionally, lifestyle and snack items.

    Every month, there are many box variants, and the one a subscriber will receive is based on the sample you choose, and the contents of the profile quiz every member fills out. The Pick-Your-Sample process allows you to choose one of the samples in your box from four options Birchbox pre-announces, or you can choose a box from Birchbox and a collaborating curator.

    This is in addition to the excellent Birchbox rewards program — if you review all your samples, you’ll receive 10 points per product review. Every 10 points is equal to $1 to spend in the Birchbox store, so reviewing 5 products per box equals $5 in credit. (You also earn points on purchases, $1 per dollar spent.) This makes the actual cost of Birchbox $5 per month.

    For the cost of a Starbucks latte, you can get Birchbox. Can’t beat that.

  • Liv

    Here’s the thing about Birchbox. The samples aren’t always THAT amazing, and the brands do tend to repeat. And trust me, you will never need to buy eyeliner again after a few months. BUT, the real reason to join is the AMAZING points system! You get 10 points for every review of the product in your box. 100 points=10 dollars, so after two boxes you’ve got ten dollars back to spend at the store. They also have a lot of bonus point days and special offers etc. so you can earn even more points. This is why I wouldn’t cancel. I tried Ipsy last month and was incredibly disappointed after hearing all the amazing reviews. My bag wasn’t even worth the ten bucks, whereas I feel the quality of products with Birchbox is higher….really nice brands for the most part. I wouldn’t do Birchbox AND Ipsy as they both do same brands, so I’m trying Sample Society now which I heard has just got much better since Allure took over, and their September box apparently has an 85 dollar eyecream or something! I think they have different brands, which is what I want- getting a bit tired of Cynthia Rowley, Pixi, and the rest. Another one to try is Boxycharm. They have limited brands, but I really like the brands they have. They sent me a Tarina Tarantino full-size lipstick worth 22 bucks which I LOVE. It’s 21 dollars a month, but you get your money’s worth, for sure. Happy subscribing!

  • Joyce Alexander

    Though I only had this service for a few months & it is only $10 a month, I just wasn’t happy with the samples I got. They were real small or stuff you usually can get free at a counter & the brands weren’t very special. I kept hoping things would get better, but each month I was just left feeling ‘wanting’ & disappointed.

  • Tabby

    Unfortunately I was so excited to get this box so when it came very late and then the samples were something I could have got for free or a much better quantity straight from the company or another subscription I was so disappointed. I got 2 vitamins, a dime size amount of sunscreen from a .02gram bottle, miniature(realllly miniature) childs lipgloss, and foil nexus shampoo packets. I did get one get miniature eye liner though, but after receiving much better full size products from other subscriptions it still isn’t enough to keep me paying them monthly.

  • flora

    I have been with Birchbix for 3 months and i like to try new things. My first in Jan. was ok loved the ruby wing nail polish. For Feb. it was very good i liked all the samples i got specially the Revealed eyeshadow sample, and the mascara made with fruit.And for Mar. i was kinda low on my moisturizer creams and body lotions, so i loved that box as well. I do love Birchbox and for $10 a month its a good deal as long as you are willing to try new things and not be picky bout the products they are sending for you to sample. And if you like the product well then you can buy the full product at its price. ❤️U Birchbox!!!!

  • Erica

    I wouldn’t recommend birchbox. I had missing samples in a few boxes, same items months in a row, and a hair sticking out of a fragrance sample in the last box!!

  • Demi

    Birchbox was the first subscription beauty box I used. There are months when the options are Wow, Incredible, and other months when it’s just so-so. I wish they had a way to profile so products could match my skin type and tone. I also wish they shipped overseas so I didn’t have to cancel anytime I’m not in the US. Otherwise, it does open me up to new products, and beauty choices. For the $10, it’s worth it!!!

  • Dawn V.

    For $10/month, Birchbox is an affordable treat. You get a simple box with 5 or so goodies inside (not floating around in a baggie) that is shipped in a box. If I could have given 3.5 stars for product value/quality I would have because what you receive is inconsistent. It is inconsistent from month-to-month and among customers. You may be lucky and receive a fabulous full size lipstick while someone else gets teabags. Although you fill out a profile, I don’t know how seriously it is considered when putting together your box. Birchbox is a happy pick-me-up each month, but keep your expectations on the modest side of things.

  • MeghanAllDay

    I have been with Birchbox for almost a full year now. I think for $10 you get a wonderful assortment of products, most of which you would never have tried before; and isn’t that the point?

  • A Frugal Diva, WHAT!?!?!?

    I have now been with Birch Box for 3 months and I’m still not sure what I think. I was happy with 1 out of 6 items on the first box, 2 items on the 2nd box and this month I think I like most of the box. I will have to say for the box being 10 bucks and you get samples, its not bad. I say it’s not bad is because the items are high end items and some of the “samples” or “deluxe sample” are actual full size, just packaged differently then the one you can purchase. I think I will give it a few more months then I will decided if I really like it or not. Read my reviews on Birch Box on my blog.


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