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Loot Crate

  • Geek products
  • From $12.55

Lootcrate: Epic Collectibles & Gear Delivered To Your Door

Lootcrate is a perfect monthly subscription box for those who are searching for geeky and gaming treasures. These epic mystery boxes are curated specifically for you with anything from the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy to Anime. For under $20/month (on average), getting Lootcrate delivered straight to your door is one way to amp up the stakes in your life and add in a worthy element of surprise!

Crates can contain wearables, collectibles, t-shirts, vinyl figures, figurines, household items, comic books, and utilities. If you’re looking for Lootwear like awesome wearables, socks, tees, and more, the Lootwear box starts at $8.00 USD/month gets you great gear at an even better value.

Customizing plans is easy. Choose from one month, three month, six month, or twelve month options and look forward to receiving 4+ items of your favorite pop culture franchises. Boxes will be tied together with a unifying theme, which changes each month.

Specialty boxes are for those who love to celebrate worlds other than our own. Prices for specialty boxes vary. Magical Memorabilia from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World is one Lootcrate option that will be delivered every other month for $37.99 USD plus shipping, while the Halo Legendary Crate which celebrates the best moments in the Halo Universe is $34.99 USD plus shipping and is delivered every other month as well.

Ships To United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and many more countries.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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Loot Crate

  • Geek products
  • From $12.55

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  • Pam Flynn

    These are so much fun to send to my granddaughter. She gets so excited going to the mailbox and then grandma gets a call because everything in the box is fun and exciting.

  • erica hillman stewart

    wonderfully designed and built, i have not personally received loot crate but i live with my father & it truly is awesome to open one of these up every month. i would definitely purchase a subscription to loot crate for myself or as a next years subscription for my pops. i especially always look forward to the clothing merch, but you gotta love the cute and sometimes gruesome figurines they send!

  • Rj Joplin

    If you are interested in an extremely wide range of geeky items, this is definitely a good thing, but the range of items that they supply is extremely wide. The value on these crates is not really there, but it is what you would expect for $13.95 a month. The shipping price raises it to $19.95 a month. With that taken into account shipping is never an issue. They try really hard on their packaging and interactions with their customers. I have had a few items show up damaged, and they are always quick to exchange or make things right. I consider myself a relatively wide-range geek, but I still find myself using or wanting to keep only about 25% of the items that arrive. This would be great for older kids, or adults who enjoy the geek culture in general, but for value, it is found lacking about 2/3 of the time.

  • Diane L

    i got my first box on feburary and i loved it. im continuing service for a while. im such a nerdy chick and i love everything included!

  • Bob

    Not the greatest of stuff in each box. Don’t understand how people can say it’s so great. They must not get any other boxes. Disappointed from what I got so far. This month was my 2nd box and still not impressed.

  • Beth

    Got my boyfriend a 3 month subscription and he just received his first box and loved everything in it. I suggest this to anyone!

  • Armella

    My family loves this subsription box and have the most fun opening it. We got it for our 12 year old daughter, but all of us fight over who gets what. She gets first dibs and then rolls her eyes as the rest of us barter for the left overs. My only problem with the Loot Crate is their packaging. The boxes don’t seal completely on the sides and a couple times we’ve had items that have slipped out. However, Loot Crate customer service was awesome and quickly replaced the lost items.

  • Ruth Griffeth

    This is one to sign up for young and old! I purchased the first one on a whim, for my youngest son, after the first month everyone in the house waited as each piece was pulled out ohing and aweing! The only reason I gave marks down on shipping speed was honestly it was very slow getting to us. Other then that we wait with our breaths held when the youngest opens it. Maybe next month I will order a extra one!

  • Tammy S

    These boxes are great! We have been receiving them for the last year and every box has been a hit with my kids. There is always a great theme each month. This is the perfect gift for any gamer or geek. Both my kids love them!

  • Adam Roe

    Having just received and opened my first LootCrate, I was completely blown away. The exclusive Pop! figure was more than worth the value, and all of the other items on top of that made it perfect. I was nervous about my 6 month subscription at first, but now all of my fears have been laid to rest, and I eagerly look forward to the coming months.

  • Kevin Moreno

    Loot Crate is amazing they know how to treat their Customers right.

  • Nicholas C.

    I’ve been with Loot Crate for 6 months now, if I remember correctly. LOL. September was the best crate so far. EVERY CRATE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!! It seems like each is better than the last too!!!!!
    I LOVE MY PLUSH TALKING STIMPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING LOOT CRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omar

    I just got my first one, and I honestly loved it so much. Totally worth the money, and I’m definitely sticking with it.

  • Kayla Little

    I was very pleasantly surprised when my first lootcrate box had arrived. It’s worth every bit of the 13.37 plus shipping. As a mother of two kids it’s nice to get something just for me at the end of each month. Nerdvana!

  • Emily

    Loved it!! Got my first one this month. Cheaper than other subscriptions, but the quality is matched! Really fun, like Geek Christmas every month!

  • Amanda Alexander

    Awesome service just signed up and got my first crate very fast and all the goodies were wr welll worth the price

  • Justin

    Great Deal for what you get, love lootcrate

  • Brady W.

    I LOVE Lootcrate! Its a fantastic subscription for any Geek/Gamer! And the price? $13.37? AMAZING. I Absolutely love Lootcrate. Subscribe if you haven’t!

  • Sarah

    I am a proud Looter going on 8 months now. I absolutely love Loot Crate! They are amazing at what they do and they put such care into choosing what goes into the crates each month.

    I love that they choose a theme for each month. Even when I’m kind of “ehh” about the month’s theme they have always found a way to make me go “Well this is acutally kind of awesome”.

    Loot Crate has never disappointed me. Their customer service is phenomenal. I’ve always received it faster then expected. I will be a faithful Looter as long as my funds allow it.

    Keep up the fantastic work guys!!

    Oh and did I mention… I friggin love Loot Crate!!!!

  • Jennifer O’Kane

    Loot crate is perfect for geeks an gamers. It is the best part of every month. The stuff that comes inside most of the time is over the price of the box it’s self. If you are a geek or gamer or know of one you need to get loot crate

  • Nymph Goddess

    Excellent idea for subscription boxes, fast, quick service and Awesome Customer Service. They never disappoint and always cater to the diverse universe of geek and gamer girls and boys, Moms, and dads! Try out a crate or two see if you like it! There is always a surprise inside and your inner child will giggle with glee each month!

  • Kyle

    Money well spent, especially for the gamers and geeks. Just received my first crate and couldn’t believe the quality of products inside. Will definitely keep my subscription going.

  • Adam

    After some considerable thought, I finally decided to subscribe to Loot Crate. I was ot disappointed. I placed my order and a week or two later I got a tracking number in my email inbox. The next day my Loot Crate was delivered. I opened it and found what was contained inside to be more value than what I had paid for it. Everything was perfect, arrived ahead of time, and looked wonderful in the packaging alone.

  • Noe Verduzco

    If you have Instagram or Facebook look up lootcrate. Join our community and become a looter. Trust me there is nothing like it. Seriously you’re still reading this well maybe you’re good at multitasking cause you should be ordering right now. Of yah did I tell you to go to YouTube and look up lootcrate already? Well go do it I’ll wait… Good you’re back no let me tell you my favorite thing. They always introduce me to new companies and things that it seems I automatically love and have been missing on my life. Some of theses things include the company 8 bit zombie and the show video game high school. Well if you got this for congratulate yourself only a true geek (like myself) could.

  • This is hands down one of the best geeky/gamer boxes out there. Loot Crate has amazing items every month and I can’t wait to get it. Service is quick and easy and you usually get more in the box than what you paid for. Is it everything that you need? no, but it is something that you love every month. Great Crate!

  • Loot Crate always has something awesome within their crates each month! This will be my second crate now and I have yet to be disappointed by anything they have to offer. Just $20 for all the items you get is easily a great deal; I’d honestly recommend this service to anyone else out there, especially those who might consider themselves a “geek” or “nerd”.

  • Cheyne Hamill

    By far, the best subscription box out there! I get it for both my son and I and hes 9-years-old and im 32-years old and we both love it equally! We get so excited every month that it comes… my son actually stalks the mailman! We love you Loot Crate! We are customers for life!

  • Alexandria Webb

    The best almost $20 you’ll spend a month! Loot Crate gives you an awesome nerdy present every month that never disappoints. Subscribe if you are awesome and love collecting geeky things. They give you collectables, stickers, candy, etc. Basically a birthday present to yourself every month. Subscribe now before you miss out on even more cool stuff!

  • Dani Jones

    Loot Crate is a perfect monthly treat for anyone who calls them-self a geek or a gamer, or just generally likes pop culture. Each month brings a different box of surprises based off a theme. Even when the theme doesn’t thrill me, I still end up enjoying my loot. I’ve given a lot of it away to friends/family who have loved the items and wonder were I’ve gotten them. Loot crate is my monthly present to myself and it’s just so much fun opening that box and seeing what surprises they have in store for us. The price isn’t too bad, they’re shipping is amazingly fast, and their customer service is not only helpful, but friendly. You never know what you’ll get in a Loot Crate, but you can be sure that it will be awesome.

  • Jay

    It’s my own personal Christmas/Birthday every month! I love everything in my box! If you are a gamer/nerd/geek/dork you will love this! It is money well spent!

  • terie brand

    been a looter since june of 2013
    and I am really happy my mom gave me this subscription for doing great in school
    I am a gamer and love everything about this box of goodies,cool tshirts collectable toys
    and what I really love the snack or candys!WHAT not to love about getting goodies every month it like havin a birthday every month…get this subscription box you will not be sorry

  • Kenny Schafer

    A friend once told me of a program that offers random geek items for a low price, to this day I praise him for this suggestion. This is one of the happier times a month for me (being a gamer, I usually get really happy over game releases), and opening this incredible box brings me the most joy, It’s literally a monthly Christmas. I have recommended this program to every friend and family member I have, nobody seemed as excited…until they got their first crate! It’s a wonderful idea and an even better execution, The staff is friendly and always emails back immediately. Another great thing is fast shipping! I live in central California and usually receive my crate the dat after it ships! They even provide a tracking number each month so you can track the package anytime!

  • I have subscribed to multiple subscription boxes of different types currently and in the past. The Loot Crate is hands down the best value for your money. PERIOD. I actually feel like I’m getting more than what I pay for which really can’t be said about most boxes. About $21 total after shipping and taxes. That being said…

    …I love this box! I get anxious the week leading up to shipping day and have to fight myself to not look at unboxing vids before I get mine. Luckily, I live in San Diego, and it comes from L.A. so I usually get it a day or two after shipping. I really feel bad for people that have to wait longer. =(

    My one beef with Loot Crate is that now, my wife, has gotten into it also. I know when my crate gets to my house because I get a phone call from her asking if she can open it. If I get home before her, I have to wait for her. >:(

    Anyway, this Loot Crate is great. It’s so delicious and moist. Look at me still talking when there’s science to do. When I look out there, it makes me GLaD I’m not you. I’ve Loot Crate’s to receive. There is Loot Crates to be ordered. By the people who are still alive. And, believe me, I’m still alive! I’m getting Loot Crates and I’m still alive! I feel FANTASTIC and I’m still alive! While you’re getting nothing in the mail, I’ll get a Loot Crate and be still alive! And when you’ve got nothing, I will be still alive! Still Alive! Still Alive…with a Loot Crate….

  • Alexandria

    A truly amazing product! Perfect for the geeks, gamers, nerds, or anyone in between. These guys send you stuff you can decorate, use, or wear everyday-and that’s just half of it! It’s like getting a birthday gift every month! Definitely worth the money!!

  • Laura Gumm

    My first subscription was *july* last month. I received my Loot Crate 2 days from them shipping it. *Luckily I didn’t see anyone else’s Youtube review for the spoiler*. I love everything that was in the crate. I am a subscriber for as long as this company is in business.

  • Amber Munk

    Loot crate is what I look forward to every month! I love the items that come in it and if you are a geek looking for some cool stuff you need to sign up. They even have shirts ^_^

  • Maria

    Simply put…..it’s Christmas every month! ♥

    I have to admit that the first box I received, I was a little nervous because I wasn’t so sure I was going to like what they may send. To my surprise, every box I’ve received so far I LOVED!!! They seriously never cease to amaze me!


  • Russ Tombs

    This is an excellent box for any one remotely into video games and general geeky nerdy stuff. I got my first box last month and loved it, a friend of mine has been getting it for some time and I loved seeing the things they got so I had to get it myself, there’s so much you won’t even feel bad sharing a few things!

  • anthony gunter

    i am a loot crater. i even has a second subscription for my girlfriend. im always surprised to see that the stuff in the crate is of more value than i pay. last one i even got dvds!!

  • Joe Goff

    I started with the May Box and have been a happy subscriber since. They find the coolest gamer/geek items and randomly but carefully pack them into 1 box. It is like every month is Christmas or my birthday. Simply Awesome.

  • Eduardo T. Miller

    I started with the July box after a friend tagged me in a Facebook video of his first unboxing. I decided to give it a shot since I’ve always been curious about subscription boxes. Gotta say: I’m impressed! You had me a Pool-Aid! Last month’s box (VGHS themed) rocked my socks too. Who doesn’t love having Yoda on their ears while listening to some tunes?!

    Long story short: if you want to go for a box, go for Loot Crate!

  • Michelle Church

    Lootcrate has been the best gift I could have given my family. It’s a great deal and every month is a fun surprise.

  • Amanda

    I was looking for a box for me, but I’m not into make up or healthfood. Loot Crate was listed as for men, but I love it! It’s all fun and makes me feel like a kid again each month! Had a problem with shirt sizing and customer service was amazing! Definitely worth trying out if you’re into games or geekdom.

  • Alicia

    Loot crate was so awesome I canceled my birch box subscription.

  • Mike N.

    You get a fun surprise in the mail each month that is always a treat. The folks at Loot Crate are very thoughtful with what they select and they seem to be in tune with what their subscribers want. Definitely recommend!

  • Mike Thomte

    Awsome idea ! I haven’t been disappointed in a crate yet and look forward to the next crate every month. Between me and my grandson we have used everything out of the crate every month !

  • David Rubio

    LootCrate is AWESOME! Best subscription I’ve ever had. The only problem I’ve ever had was to be too excited waiting for my next crate to come! The box definitely includes items that are worth more than you pay for and they are extremely geeky awesomeness!

  • Melissa H.

    I look forward to my Loot Crate every month. It always has tons of stuff for everyone to enjoy and I have to fight with my friends and family to keep them from stealing my loots! Loot Crate is a big old box of geeky gamer goodness covered with awesome sauce.

  • Matt Flick

    LootCrate is awesome! The best way to describe it is that its like getting a box of ComicCon swag each MONTH. The products are fun and high quality. If you’re only going to subscribet to one service LOOT CRATE IS THE ONE!!

  • Bree Lea

    Want to get a box of super awesome, awesome, fun, awesome every month? Want to get a box full of things that far out-price what you pay for it every month? Want a pair of used pant…. wait, wrong box.

    Uhhhhh, where was I? Oh right, if you like nerdy things, geeky things, gamer things, nerdy/geeky t-shirts, etc, then seriously, LOOTCRATE. Because I said! DO IT or I’ll ship you used pantaloons.

  • Jessica

    LOVE LootCrate! I subscribe to 6 different sub boxes and this one is my FAVORITE! I share it with my husband, who is geek-tastic like me, and we love unboxing together and seeing the great products! They are always unique, always fun, and usually involve at least one piece of candy (score! lol)

  • Jesus Modesto

    Best box ever!

  • Eric Christie

    Best idea since Mac ‘n ‘cheese. Its is nerdtopia. New word I just made up.

  • John

    Loot crate is awesome and it basically makes some peoples mundane lives just a bit better every month when they receive an uber box of geeky goodness.

  • Charlie Stumph

    One word……AWESOME! The quailty of the items in your crate is top notch. I would recommend Loot Crate to any gamer, sci-fi, or pop culture fan. It’s kind of like getting a present each month, you don’t know what’s in the crate.

  • Zac Hanson

    Loot Crate is an awesome subscription box that fills every geeks need!

  • Break Man Z

    I’ve been a member of Loot Crate for two months and already I love it! Each month, I look forward to a new package with all kinds of neat geeky stuff in there. Also, if you have any problems, the staff is friendly, ready, and willing to help out. I definitely recommend it for the geek in your life, even if it’s just yourself.

  • Jessica Lopes

    Loot Crate rocks! Every month I can’t wait to open my “crate” to see what epic treasures are inside. Sign up now…You won’t be disappointed!!

  • Leah Cornish

    Lootcrate is a phenomenal service. I signed up on a whim after hearing about it from Toby Turner on YouTube and the first crate I received was GREAT! There are always fun nerdy things inside – you can occasionally get tshirts, headphones, pop vinyl dolls – AND they are only one item in a box that costs less than $20. The boxes arrive never damaged, organized well, and quite speedily. After the first crate I was hooked. If you’re a geek, nerd, dork, or pop-culture enthusiast this is the service for you.

  • Erika

    it’s like a birthday gift each month. you never know what your going to get but it’a awesome :D

  • Sean Jones

    I found Loot Crate through a Fab.com special. It was the first sub box I’ve signed up for and was disappointed. It has great geeky items, and it’s a great way to start stocking up on birthday gifts and stocking stuffers!

  • Asia DeMayo

    I love Loot Crate. Thr packages are always a wonderful surprise. Each month is themed and there is always great stuff inside. The loot also makes great presents. I’ve started decorating my office with items I’ve received in my crate.

  • Adam Ferguson

    Excellent service that delivers cool, nerdy merchandise directly to your door. Great for getting cool new office toys, or occasionally even a new tshirt for your wardrobe. Definitely a good bang for your buck as some months you may get something like a funky pop figure, which retails from 10-12 bucks just by itself.

  • melanie stevenson

    I just subscribed this month, they had me at the cake is a lie! My friend has been a subscriber for three months now and to say hes like a kid opening presents during christmas is a bit of an understatement. I cant wait to open this months awesome crate!!

  • Charlotte Whitehead

    Loot Crate is one if the best Sub boxes ive found , they give you very awesome and unique items. And compared to what they give you the price is cheap , Every geek / Gamer should have this box.

  • Zak Baron

    Lootcrate is great! Every month you get a box of geeky, nerdy, video game-y stuff! All my friends are really jealous of the products I get on a monthly basis. For less than $20 you get all this cool stuff that’s probably worth waaaay more than what you paid, and it’s ALWAYS sent to you speedy and the same time every month. You can’t beat service like that!

  • Krystina Kuykendall

    I have only been a subscriber for 3 months and all I can say is, Loot Crate is AWESOME!
    Every month has a different theme, so that all walks of nerdy/geeky/gamer life gets a crate with something they will love. Every crate I have received, even the ones with items inside that may not have been my particular brand of nerd/geek or gamer, I have utterly enjoyed.The crate only costs $13.37+ S&H but each crate has about $25-30+ worth of epic loot inside each month.This epic little black box that shows up to my home once a month always has something to add to the collection or my wardrobe! If your looking for a sub box that will have you smiling like joker, a box that will have you jumping up and down like a speed run of Mario 64 or a box that will have you feeling like a boss once you’ve looted the room after defeating a potted plant in a game of munchkins, this is the box for you.

    This Is the box you’ve been looking for. This Is the box that rules them all. This is the Motherf&^#ing Loot in the Motherf*&#ing Crate!

  • Brittany Golden

    From the very beginning, when I first heard about it I got excited and had hoped they would eventually make their service available for Canada. A month after I found out about them through a friend, they started the Beta for it. Jumped into that in moments notice and I’ve never regretted it. The amount of Loot in these crates are just to epic to contain, it makes my day better when I get it in the mail. I believe I am on my fourth crate now and I have to admit, I’ve kept all their boxes so far and used them for storing my games or other things. They are awesome for using as gifts too! Can’t wait for more Loot Crates to come in the mail down the road. :)

  • heather willis

    i love lootcrate! me and my boyfriend split it. it always has awesome geekyness in it. im never let down. it don’t get much better then lootcrate if your a geek. and its cheep. ***** ;)

  • Beth Good

    My entire family loves Loot Crate. We have been subscribers for about 4 months now and the boxes are awesome every month. As soon as our crate comes in all my boys gather around for the unboxing. We can’t wait for our crate each month!

  • jacquiline miller

    so if your geek or gamer this is a box for you I absolutely love this box. It’s always a surprise you never know what you’re gonna get but that’s the best part of it because it’s always really classy stuff according to what ever the theme. Even some collectables.

  • Meagan

    If you are a nerd/geek, or you know one, this is best thing ever. You get choice items from the nerd world that will blow your mind. Especially since some of the boxes contain t-shirts (which you can pick out the correct size), it is definitely worth the money. Their customer service is off the charts with a personal email sent back to you within 24 hours. I absolutely love this and am thinking about giving a subscription to my father for Christmas while I am on a 6-month long co-op so he gets a surprise every month.

  • Jennifer Kiel

    Loot Crate is a fantastic subscription service for anyone with a nerdy side! Their choices for items included have never failed. Every month has a theme that the items correlate with. Not to mention the price is so reasonable! I have also had no issue with their customer service, they are quick to get back with me and have solved any problem I had quite quickly. I definitely recommend purchasing a subscription ASAP!

  • Jordan Keyes

    I’ve been a LootCrate subscriber for almost a year now. One thing I can definitely say about them… you never know what you’re going to get. I’ve seen some absolutely amazing items, and some items that I’ll probably never touch again, but overall, I’m extremely pleased with the boxes, and plan to stay subscribed for the foreseeable future.
    Thanks, LootCrate!

  • Bryan Scheidler

    Loot Crate is amazing! It is like Nerd Christmas every month! How can you beat Nerd Christmas? You can’t!

  • Jordan Plein

    While I have only just subscribed to LootCrate and have not gotten a crate yet, I had the pleasure of talking to their staff at San Diego Comic-Con, and found them to be a very lively bunch. Someone I wouldn’t mind sitting down and playing Mario Party with, who would steal a star from me but then throw a minigame so it was still a competition you know?

    So I subscribed and am patiently awaiting my first crate at the end of the month.

  • Jamie Kline

    I originally learned about Loot Crate from watching a Toby Turner video several months ago. As soon as I visited Loot Crate’s website, I knew I had to sign up! I’ve received 3 crates so far and each one just keeps getting better and better. The items are all high quality and they have introduced me to geek/nerd/gamer things I didn’t even knew existed before (such as VGHS, which I am now hooked on!). It’s like Christmas every month; I love opening up the box and not knowing what I will find inside. Definitely worth the money!

  • Matthew Coker

    I’ve received 3 boxes so far and each one has been a wonderful surprise! With toys, gadgets, and clothes from all corners of geekdom, it’s like a mini trip to ComicCon every month. If you’re really picky about your geekiness (as in, you only geek after one or two things), then stay away. But if you love LOTS of geeky stuff, shows, and video games, then this is the box for you. I haven’t been disappointed yet and doubt I shall be. Oh, if you include the shipping, it’s just under 20 bucks, but even that is a value, as the box is usually full of $30+ worth of awesomeness.

  • Andrew Moore

    Loot Crate is absolutely amazing. I signed up recently and I couldn’t be happier. The Price is a bargain compared to what you get. One Item is usually worth the base price alone… let alone the abundance that you get. A blind box with a delightful surprise every month. Exclusives, Nerdiness, and Smiles abound every month when that Black Box pops up in the mail.

  • Megan

    Lots of fun for gamers/geeks of all ages. Best day of the month is opening our crate :-)

  • Aaron Garcia

    I tried this service out for the month of July and was a little let down on the contents of the crate. I watched a few un-crating videos from previous months and that’s what got my attention to try this service out. I’m ordering the August crate as a last do or die type of decision for me to keep going with the subscription. If the crate is awesome, I will be back. If the crate lacks, later…

  • Sean scott

    Always great stuff, always. Last month I got vghs. I also got street fighter stuff, hitchhikers guide stuff and other amazing things. My favorite was the deadpool kool-aid shirt.

  • Devin Fox

    Lootcrate is an absolutely amazing service! It really provides subscribers with the geek and nerd gear they like to see. I was weary on my first crate, but now I’m always looking forward to the next arrival. Every crate is packed cautiously and never have I had anything damaged or unusable. It’s also a great deal when you look at how much the items would normally cost in retail. Living in a small town it’s hard to get a hold of nerd gear without having to travel out of the way and pay outstanding prices. Lootcrate really fixes that problem for me. The last thing I wanted to mention is the speed of delivery. I assumed it would take a few days for it to get to me; maybe even a week, but when I checked my mail the next day I had my very first Lootcrate the day after delivery. It was great and I can say that I love Lootcrate!

  • Alisha

    I absolutely love LootCrate! It’s always so exciting come the end of the month when I get my crate. It’s like having Christmas every month! I love all kinds of different geek/gamer related things, but I usually can’t justify buying it for myself. LootCrate though gives me a whole bunch of different things each month so just $20. I do wish shipping was a little lower, but the items that come in the box are usually well worth it. If you love geeky/gamer related things then the LootCrate is defiantly for you.

  • Anthony Fox

    Amazing Geek an Gamer swag! Nothing beats Loot Crate for the cost. It’s always an awesome feeling when you see the box an tear into it each month!

  • Nick Menke

    I have been a subscriber since the beginning. I only missed their two first boxes. I have loved EVERY. SINGLE. CRATE. They always put a lot of thought into what goes into them. And every time you get one it’s like one of your close friends bought you a present. Love it! :D D

  • Alex

    Lootcrate is awesome! All I have to say is: 1 word, made up. Nerdvana! ‘Nuff said.

  • Kris

    Finally gave in to subscribing to loot crate… Definitely one of the best decisions of my life. They pick amazing things to put in their boxes. I’ve seen a few of my friends’ boxes from previous months and been jealous that I didn’t sign up earlier. For the price that they sell loot to you, you’re definitely getting more than your money’s worth.

  • Federico Senence

    I’ve been getting Lootcrates for my son (7yrs old) for several months now and they have been awesome! Each month they contain some great geek/gamer items that impress both of us. The cost is reasonable as is but if you calculate the typical cost for the items enclosed you are saving a bunch of money if you were to try and buy everything yourself…not to mention they spend the time to gather the loot for you! I will continue my subscription as long as my son wants! Thanks Lootcrate!

  • Amber Morales

    Don’t hesitate to sign up! The best sub box for the price. Also the community of Looters are hands down the best group of people I’ve ever met! :)

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